June 6, 2009

Oh no! AIDS Blintzes!

A few fabulous entries from a fine fellow called Hellblazer187 (SA):

Sorry reCAPTCHA, but "$100-million" is not a "word". Though for the right price...

June 4, 2009

General Specific's very own update, Part 2

No update yesterday, started a new job and went to see the NIN/JA tour. Believe it or not I sometimes DO have priorities over the internet.

Anywho, artist credit for all pictures: General Specific (SA)

If you don't get the ones above and below, you're probably not on the internet enough. Consider yourself fortunate.

June 2, 2009

General Specific's very own update, Part 1

Artist credit for all pictures: General Specific (SA)

A Cornucopia of Captchas

Click for larger:
Artist credit: VonSpyder (SA)

Artist credit: BooDoug187 (SA)
(note: all of the "Travesty 12" names are additional word pairs)

Artist credit: Stoatbringer (SA)

Artist credit: Orbitize (SA)
Another one from Orbitize:

June 1, 2009

Surveyor Pet

E-mail contribution (thanks, Kiera!):
Artist credit:
Kiera B.(click for larger)

Somebody call Animal Planet, I have a show to pitch.

Responsibility Scallop

Skinny Bins
(click for larger)

Our esteemed mascot. In a perfect world, Responsibility Scallop would replace the MS Office paper clip.

Michael's Molluscs

This one gets an immediate post because it's our first e-mail contribution!

In all subsequent entries, (SA) indicates that the contribution came from the goons at Something Awful.

Artist credit:
alex4.0 (SA)
(click for larger)

Unfortunately for Michael, his awkward teen phase included a much worse kind of breakout.

May 31, 2009

Rosary Down, Support Macaroni

My last one before I start posting other people's submissions.

This one is double mine:
(click for larger)

You should feel fortunate that I didn't illustrate my other two-fer: "Substantially veined, purplish Howard".

Menorah General

(click for larger)

My apologies in advance to the Jewish community.

Diluted Tragedy

Also mine:
(click for larger)

I'm tempted to print this out and hang it all over some downtown community, then watch the emo kids cry when they find out none of these bands are real.

"But...but I've heard OF them!"

Battle Mistimed

Another one of mine:(click for larger)

The infamous Battle of Tempus Valley, c. 1143 AD (also c. 1943 AD).

Hoboken Explores

"Hoboken Explores" is the word pairing that inspired me to make my first picture. I was trying to reserve concert tickets and these were the words I had to type to prove I wasn't an identity-stealing robot. I'm sure this looked better in my head because my art skills aren't exactly fantastic, but I had this wonderful mental image of Hoboken, New Jersey just getting up and walking away to explore the depths of the Hudson River.

Here's how it looked in MS Paint:
(click pics for large versions)

I didn't buy the tickets, because I immediately had to get this idea out of my skull and onto one of these newfangled computer machines. My next attempt at buying tickets yielded another word pairing:

Damn you, LiveNation, I'll never get those tickets at this rate.