July 11, 2009

Spread it like a virus.

A benevolent, hilarious virus, that is.

If you want to see more consistent updates, those of you following this blog or checking back daily, please spread the link around and get other people to check it out. There's some great art and a lot of really funny ideas here from our contributors and I want it to be appreciated, and I'd also like to get a more steady flow of new submissions in, since 99% of my updates are ones I've pulled from my original forum thread.

I give you free license to be a jerk about it too; start bugging people about reading it, and if they blow it off, remind them. When they finally cave into your demands they'll see this post and realize it was me who was responsible for bugging the shit out of them. Thanks for the support.


July 10, 2009

Outlast That

Artist: Cheese Bread

Mitosis Abroad

Artist: Sereri

Mr. Pupae

Artist: Haddas

Kickapoo Court

Artist: NnamkcebNairb
(there's always a twist ending)

Spanish Helicopter

Artist: Larry Koldsweat!

Athens $8,500

Artist: Ovaltine Jenkins

July 9, 2009

Not Machines

Artist: Discount_BeesIf you seriously drew that just for this, I'm both honored and amazed.
Excellent work!

Stung North

Artist: Rollersnake

A Bunch Because I've Been Slacking Off

Artist: insufficient guns

Artist: wescreweleven
With deepest apologies to my clown-fearing sister.

Artist: StrungOutFlip
Artist: Useless Rabbit
Artist: Julius Milkwhite
Artist: Mr. Fowl
Artist: Wooly Doug
Artist: zoink2000

Artist: DragonWC99
I predict a Battlestar Galactica joke every time the word "Saul" comes up.

Artist: Savitri

July 7, 2009

Paley 440.50

Artist: madlilnerd

Bell Tragedy

Artist: Hungry Bit

The Rulers

Artist: BonoMan

Spud Lee

Artist: Julius Milkwhite

Jackie Heehawed

Artist: Aesop Poprock

Protection Housings

Artist: Immortal_Yawn

July 6, 2009

Stalin Upstaged

Artist: flatFat

Funky One

Artist: Chaospoowoo

Working Glop

Artist: melaQuit

Teaspoon Elation

Artist: Vexworth

Six Missouri

Artist: xzoto

Salvage 1939

Artist: Lily SnowshoeMore coming later!