July 3, 2009

Lobbies Stanley

Artist: miso (SA)
Ditching the (SA) tags. Most people can figure it out if they've seen it elsewhere, and other people probably don't know what it means anyway.

Root 2.64

Artist: Zachsta (SA)

21/25 Toupees

Artist credit: Moot1234 (SA)
Alehe'na'hal'eth'ae Nightwindleafrunner says "Please help us! Our nefarious blood elf cousins have enchanted the Elven Hairpieces of the Lillimar Forest! 25 by my count! You must destroy them, Twarfleg! Your reward will be 25 silver pieces."

Just Western

Artist: Ejiehi (SA)

Ahoys 3:30, and other delights

Artist: Jolly Corndog (SA)

Artist: StrungOutFlip (SA)

Artist: Skinny Bins (SA)

Artist: GorgoLu (SA)

Artist: kotau (SA)
Artist: sc4rs (SA)

July 2, 2009

Animated! (part 3)

Artist: Bloody Holly (SA)

This is about the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

Animated! (part 2)

Artist: Kismet (SA)

That's the most hideous tattoo I've ever seen.

Animated! (part 1)

Artist: axolotl farmer (SA)

That's the most...unexpected Secretary of State I've ever seen.

Unseemly Spokesman

Artist: Kahteh (SA)I would watch CNN constantly.

Heal Heeler

Artist: Megaptera
(via email)Healing heals heels while heeling heels heals.

For the pervs in the audience.

Ooh, this one's dirrrrrty.
Artist: apsouthern (SA)

Artist: Jacks_Colon (SA)

Artist: The Manticore (SA)"Made with real #%@$!"

July 1, 2009

Here's a bunch at once because I'm lazy.

Artist: Stragen (SA)
Artist (x2): NnamkcebNairb (SA)

Artist: Zombie Kohlhaas (SA)
For the non-nerds: Saul Tigh of BSG fame.

Artist: Rusty Shackelford (SA)
Artist: Duncan (SA)

Artist (x2): Squirtle (SA)
Artist: Wiener Pee Mouth (SA)

What a delightful name.

Ba Tree

Two from Molly A.

2 hrs Mountie

Another from Michael T:

Mooned Christmas

Two e-mailed in from CaptainHairdo (SA)

Jacques Moment

E-mailed in from Terry W.

June 30, 2009

"ByJOHNKIFNER" is not a word, Captcha.

A pair of e-mail submissions from Matthew C.

Preheat Banjo

Four more from the mailbag. Artist credit for all: Meghan K.

June 29, 2009

Capt Barmaid

Now to catch up on some of the e-mails I received during Semper Week.

Artist: Fake Green Dress (SA)
(via email) (parentheses)

Tweeting Alborak

Artist: Michael T.
(T is for "Turnip")
"Alborak, more commonly al-Burāq, was the winged horse traditionally believed by Moslem to have carried Mohammed to paradise"

...and now you've mashed it up with Twitter. What have you done!?

Pleasure 01

Artist: Aaron L.

Hyena Captain

Also from the e-mails:
Artist: Adam

More mailbag!

Got a couple e-mail submissions:
Artist: Jarron B.
Just to nitpick a bit, I think the second word is "11) Gambit" as if it were on a numbered list. There are some really weird words that aren't really words in the Captchas I've gotten.

FYI, unless I'm doing a theme week like I was this past week, or a dragon is eating my face, all e-mail submissions get posted in my next day/update.

June 28, 2009

Lieut. Shakespeare

Semper Week, 6th and final day.
(all submissions: Semper Ubi Sub Ubi)

Rebuked Danish


I honestly can't tell you whether I want one,
or if this would completely freak me out.

Mr. Weepy

You know Perez Hilton had it coming.

Mr. Ozark