June 9, 2009

Cornucopia II: Revenge of the Grab-Bag

Many of these are NSFW, or may cause some kind of rage-fueled aneurysm if you're an oversensitive wuss. The claims and views expressed herein are not necessarily blah blah blah legalspeak blah. Habeus corpus.

Artist credit: Susical (SA)Artist credit: Alyeska (SA)
Merely the first of a number of Hitler-themed pictures.
Artist credit: Chinaski (SA)
With proof!
Artist credit: bossy lady (SA)
Ooh, look, we've got a Diablo Cody critic. And another poop joke.Artist credit: Howmuch (SA)
Thanks, I really wanted to imagine Dennis Franz naked today.
Artist credit: Bloody Penguin (SA)
Artist credit: ironsights42 (SA)
I guarantee this is a fetish site somewhere.
My guess is Germany, lovers of both cars and weirdo sex.

Artist credit: Captain Failcon (SA)
Artist credit: Phy (SA)
Make sure you catch his newest film,

Artist credit: UnL337 (SA)

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